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Lot 1481 | Mr, G.
Mr, G. Increase in the Mean Hand-book Indoors to the beginning of the Species in whole and broken Numbers, zusampt 364. Tables zubefinden. Alss: 1. In four Parts, the Marckt or Kauff-book... 2. In four Parts, the Zinss-account... 3. From the Gain and loss of... 4. In two Parts, the landscaped control... 5. The confusion of the common Müntze, in Silesia, two tables for the Regula Quadrata and Cubica... Zusampt a few instructions, such as the Land-Wirth schaffts bills... disponiret can be. Wrocław, the founder for the author, 1653. Fol. (120) Bl. Manuscript parchment of the time (Blotchy and shop-soiled, rear joint a bit best. u. the inner joint is a little bit bursts).

VD 17, 14:634793 S. Tomash & Williams, H 123. Hoock & Jeannin II/H16.1. - The directory of German prints knows 3 specimens, 2 of which are, as here, without the copper-title, dated 1647; the two other above-mentioned bibliographies with copies without the copper tracks that for us at auctions in the last 60 years verifiable copies also without the copper tracks). Table book of the merchant printed with short notes to the accounting tables in Red and Black. - The last leaf with inconspicuous small restoration. Contemporary ownership entry a. T. - Overall, a good copy. - Very rare. Book of tables of the merchant with short appendix to the bookkeeping. Contemporary vellum, stained, back joint somewhat bumped, hinge somewhat cracked. Load sheet partly restored, overall good copy.

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