Lot 650. Hl. Metropolitan Peter of Moscow with Vita

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Lot 650 | Hl. Metropolitan Peter of Moscow with Vita
Walrus Ivory-Icon, 18. Century 19,4 x 14,8 cm at The centre of the hl. Metropolitan Peter of Moscow. This image box the following scenes: the dream of the young Peter; admission to the monastery; ordination to the monk; the blessing of the Abbot; travel on the river Rata to the wasteland; the ordination to the diaconate; ordination to the Metropolitan; the construction of the Cathedral of the assumption of Mary"; the Relocation of the saints; Archangel appears to the saints; hl. Peter blesses; the Transfer of the mortal Remains of the saints; burial; mourning. / Expertise: Galerie Rotmann, here date: to 1600; / note: the sale is only possible within the EU!

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