Hl. Nicholas

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Lot 81Hl. Nicholas
081 *Hl. Nicholas
Russian Icon, 2. Half of the 19th century. Century, with a gold-plated Silberoklad (486g), Moscow, 1887
Inspection Master Viktor Savinkov (1855-1888)
Master: Vasily Semenov
31.5 x 27.5 cm
5000 – 7000,- EUR

The Saint is halbfigurig shown. With the Right hand he gives the blessing, in the Left he holds the gospel book. To sides of his head to the left of Christ and to the right of the mother of God is shown in half-figure in round medallion.
The mindfulness of Christ, which holds the gospel book and the mother of God, which has placed a kind of scarf, the so-called Omophorion, on their arms, to the sides of the hl. Nicholas is reminiscent of the legend: The Council of Nikäa in the year 325, the hl was. Nicholas involved. The meeting dealt with the heresy of Arius, who was himself present. He defended cleverly his teaching very much and many of the bishops were uncertain. As Nicholas stood up and gave Arius in front of the whole Assembly is a slap in the face. "This is the only answer, You don't understand, apparently," he said to him. The Chairman rebuked Nicholas, his conduct was of a Bishop, unworthy, and said: "as a punishment I have You to the outer character of a Bishop, the Omophorion, take away". Nicholas took the punishment humbly. In the following night Christ and Mary appeared to the Chairman Bishop. Christ showed him the gospel book and the mother of God the Bishop's Omophorion and she said: "tomorrow will justify Nicholas". The other day, the true confession of faith celebration was declared, and Arius as a false teacher and a heretic damned. Nicholas returned to the Omophorion of the Ecumenical Council Church.

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