Lot 2696 D. Hobbema, Meindert

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Lot 2696 DHobbema, Meindert
Hobbema, Meindert (1638 Amsterdam-1709) is attributed. Landscape with a water mill, which is reflected in the water, in the middle of the pond an Angler u. to the right of the clearing, three people with dog. Oil on canvas, 17./18. Century, 73 x 102 cm. Doubled. Framed.

Cf. Broulhiet 557. - The water mill was a favorite subject Hobbemas, he said about twenty times and also in free replicas repeated. - Slightly dusty, edges of the low-rubbed. - Provenance: Auktionshaus Hans Stahl, Hamburg, 29. Nov. 1997, no. 256.

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