Lot 26. The high Patriarch of the Gelug pa Tradition of Tibet

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Lot 26 | The high Patriarch of the Gelug pa Tradition of Tibet
TIBET, 1. Half of the 19th century. Century
In the case of the Central representation of this Thangka is a undoubtedly a high-ranking Patriarch of the Yellow Church of Tibet. The inscription names the naming is no longer visible, perhaps it was deliberately made unrecognizable. In the portrait of its face are liable, members of this school would be hard to pinpoint his identity. He is wearing the traditional yellow hat of the Geluk Tradition. His precious clothes corresponds to that of a high dignitary. Be on the shoulders of lying taught coat of gold-coloured Satin, patterned with finely decorated medallions (a technical aspect of painting a masterpiece!) is had a with a gold, black fringed trim, lined. He sits on two stacked pillows on a throne with a curved back support, covered with precious cloth, and with gold-embroidered brocade cushions. His right Hand in the teaching gesture, and the left holds, with a black, gold-patterned silk cloth to protect against fingerprints, a precious manuscript on indigo dyed paper. Two Adorants at his Right hand and the Left is bring tea in a Golden pot, and a rice victim mandala. About the Patriarch of the historical Buddha appears, accompanied by two scholars of the Geluk school. Numerous personalities of different rank and religious opinions, from the ranks of the Siddhas, scholars, and patriarchs, are distributed over the Thangka, whose inscription names legislations due to the partial destruction are difficult to identify. Also many tantric deities and protectors are shown on the Thangka. The wrathful Palden Lhamo (l), Beg-tse (r) and in the middle of Brah-mse, an Emanation of Mahakala are outstanding in the lower area. By the blessing with the hand of two hands of pairs of prints (!) on the back of this Thangka to a blessed worship of the image of one or several influential donor, it is possible to in the center of the shown personality. Tempera and Gold on cotton fabric, original silk satin bezel, back: the prints of two hands couples (!)

65 x 46(128 x 75)cm

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