Lot 1894. Hufeland, C.W.

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Lot 1894 | Hufeland, C.W.
Ideas about Pathogenie and influence of the life force on the formation and shape of the diseases, as an introduction to pathological Lectures. Jena, The Academic Bookstore, 1795. 8 Bl., 336 S. Pbd. the time (Stained, slightly dam.).
Hirsch, H. III, 329. First Edition. To extend the preliminary work, "the art Of human life". - Etw. blotchy u. browned, N. a. V. - ╔In: Ders.╗ A complete representation of the Medici American forces and the use of the hydrochloric acid difficult-to-earth. 1794. Mod. Hldr. - First Edition. Very rare. - Tls. stockfl. - ╔Founder.╗ Observations on the natural and inoculated smallpox to Weimar in 1788. 2. Edition of 1793. Mod. Hldr. - Tls. stockfl. Without on-the-fly. In front of the. - ╔Founder.╗ The protective power of Belladonna against scarlet fever to the distant test set. 1826. Hldr. the time (signs of wear). - Only Issue. - St. a. T. Bibl.-Ex-libris.

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