Lot 1896. Hufeland, C.W.

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Lot 1896 | Hufeland, C.W.
To extend the art of the human life. Jena, The Academic Bookshop In 1797. XXIV, 696 p. Mod. Hldr. in the St. the time
Goed. IV, 257, 7. Hirsch, H. III, 329 et seq. of the Garrison-M. 1602. Wellcome III, 310. - First edition of the basic work on geriatrics, Lichtenberg dedicated. - It is stamped, the Front is missing. Tls. stockfl. - ╔In: Ders. That.╗ 5 other expenditure. 1797-99. Waste. Covers. (Tls. Signs of wear). - ╔Founder.╗ 20 more fonts, including first editions, as well as small fonts. - Among others: history of the health in addition to physical Characteristics of the present age. 2. verm. Edition, Berlin, 1813. - Cf. Engelmann, Bibl. med. 268. - Remarks on the natural and artificial smallpox to Weimar in 1788. Lpz., Göschen 1789. - Wellcome III, 310. Cf. Waller 4966 (3. A.). Not in the case of Goed. VI, 267. - First edition of one of the first books of the author. Closes his book first "the eradication of smallpox" (1787). - Good advice to mothers about the most important points in the physical education of children in the first years. Berlin u. Jena, o. publishing house (around 1800). 102 P. - Goed. VI, 257, 9. Cf. Hirsch, H. III, 329. - Observations on the nervous fever and its complications, in the years 1796, 1797 u. 1798. - Institution and laws of the herzogl. medico-surgical Hospital of Jena. - Complete representation of the medical forces and the use of the hydrochloric acid difficult-to-earth. 3 Tle. in 1 Vol. Vienna, Ghelen 1799. - Cf. Hirsch, H. III, 329. - In the year of the first edition appeared. - Together 26 Vols. - Varying degrees of wear.

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