Lot 2664. Iselin,J.C.

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Lot 2664Iselin,J.C.
Iselin,J. C. Newly-increased historical and geographical General Lexicon ... 2. (many of them u. edition improved) 4 vols and 2 Suppl.-Volumes, Basel, Brandmüller, 1728-29 u. 1742-44. Fol. Model leather volumes with gold embossed Rtitel (5) and half leather at the time, with spine gilt (traces of use).

Path 852 Aum. Zischka 4: "The so-called Basel lexicon, even after the Iselin, quoting an immensely rich work; in particular, for the biography, genealogy, and topography is very rich." - Complete copy with the two rare, and only 15 years later, to 3. Edition, published in Supplement volumes of J. C. Beck u. A. J. Buxtorff. - Browned & stick stained Multiple Marking. Hs. Possession of increased a. T.

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