Lot 3296. Jerusalem

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Lot 3296Jerusalem
Jerusalem mixed lot of over 25 views, cards & objects forew. to Jerusalem. Waste. Techn. 16.-20. Century, including, among other things, (colour)lithographs, etchings, engravings od. Wood engravings. Waste. Formats. Tls. unt. Mat opening. 9 Bl. unt. Glass framed (not ausgerahmt). 1 Fig. double.

Among other things, PREV.: "The view of Jerusalem from the Thale Josaphat from." Aquatint etching in brown tones, the first half of the 19th century. Century by Georg Döbler (1789 Prague, 1944) in Bohmanns heirs in Prague. Approximately 29.9 x 38.6 cm. M. Betit., d. Namensz. u Verlegeradr. in d. Pl. Unt. Mat opening. mont. - Erit Sepulchrum Eius Gloriosum certificate of Fr. Bonaventura a, Solerio for Jerome Bignon from the Franciscan convent of St. Salvator in Jerusalem from 13. October, 1862, before the construction of the monastery Church, which was supported by the Emperor Franz Josef. The issuing Bonaventura a, Solerio also appears in the archival materials for the construction of the monastery Church. Whether. m. large figürl. Fig. Etching and copper engraving, engraved by Cataneo in 1837. Approx 23.0 x 29.2 cm. Unt. li. m. Paper label. Unt. Glass framed (not ausgerahmt). - Man Field, Bernhard K. J (1848-1925). Jerusalem. Drypoint m. Plattenton the end of the 19th century., At the beginning of 20. Century Approx: 45.5 x 65,7 cm. Unt. Glass framed (not ausgerahmt). - Gebr. u foxing - Mostly 8 reproductions, 1 of unt signs of wear - It:. Glass framed (not ausgerahmt).

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