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Lot 1715 | Jordan, S.
Jordan, S. judgement in the investigation of the case against 1) the mayor, Dr. Scheffer from Kirchhain, 2) the Dr. Leopold Eichelberg, 3) Prof. Dr. Sylvester Jordan,... for attempted high verraths, or aid to high shows of companies... of Marburg, Elwert 1843. IV, 167 p. - ╔╗, Connected: the Founder.Self-defense in against him, led the criminal investigation, part of taking on the high-verrath on. In addition to the appeal written by his lawyer... C. F. Schantz to Marburg, and a Memorandum, the defendants ' justification for the complaints, and at the same time, a contribution to the doctrine of the indicien evidence comprising of the school. Mannheim, Bassermann, 1844. LVI, 373 p., 1 Bl. - ╔Findings╗ the second instance, Enjoyed in the investigation of the case against the mayor, Dr. Scheffer to Kirchhain u..... the upper court of appeal gives to Cassel, on the of the co-defendants... appeal against the judgement of 14. July, 1843. Marburg in 1846. VI, 195 p. - ╔Dingelstedt,F.╗ An Easter word from Kurhessen. In the Schloßhofe to Marburg. Marburg, Garthe 1840. 7 P. - ╔Franz╗ Dingelstedt. Marburg, Garthe 1840. 4 p. - ╔floor,A.╗, staying on the defensive in the Lord, Professor Dr. Sylvester Jordan, the in the first instance... against him precipitated Understanding and refutation of the reasons of this decision. Frankfurt am Main, Sauerländer 1843. 168 p. cardboard tape of the time with back tag (Rckn. rubbed).

To 2: Stammhammer I, 115. Cf. Friedlaender 230 (2. Edition v. 1845). To 3: black gold II, 10. First Expenditure. - Rare collection to Jordans Inquisitionsprozß.

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