Lot 4030. Julius Seyler, Two Landscapes

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Lot 4030 | Julius Seyler, Two Landscapes
Julius Seyler: Munich, 1873-1955. Painter of landscapes and animal motifs, representations of the working people in the countryside, between the sea and the coast as well as in the world of North American Indians. Represented in numerous museums. Since 1882, studied at the Munich Academy, at first in the case of Julius Diez , then at the Ludwig von Herterich and Henry of reins. In the motif world, Julius Seylers as in his plein air modernist landscape-capturing the influence of the Reins. He comes to the picturesque Translation of the atmosphere of nature in a landscape. The Whole, the Cosmic (Kroll, B., p. 14), to be in his paintings felt. Typical for the paintings of Julius Seyler, who sees himself as a "plein air painter" is the extreme reduction in the surrounding, seen in natural color and light values. Motives: 1. Mussel collectors at the Breton beach. Oil on paper, 18 x 25 cm. 2. With a team of horses while plowing the field. Oil on paper, 18.5 x 25 cm. Vigorous impasto of paint. Oil sketches, both in the bottom right of J. Seyler" , Passepartouts signed". Lit.: Thieme/Becker, Vol. 30, P. 554; B. Kroll, Julius Seyler , Berlin 1940.

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