Lot 1700. Juncker,J.

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Lot 1700Juncker,J.
Juncker,J. Conspectus therapiae generalis, cum notis in materiam well medicam tabulis XX. methodological Stahliana conscriptus. Ed. 2. corr. Hall, Orphanage, 1736. 4°. With Titelvign stamped. 4 Bl., 520 S., 12 Bll. - Connected: Ibid.╗ Conspectus formularum medicarum, exhibens tabulis XVI Ex praxi Stahliana potissimum desumta, et theraplae generally, accommodata. Ed. IV, Halle, 1753. 2 Bl., 112 p. hardcover the time (operation. u. best., part easy fl.).

Hirsch, H. III, 471. Cf. Wellcome III, 372. Not in Waller. - Juncker, the trailer was steel, has contributed most to the dissemination of its Teachings. - Slightly browned and some foxing n. a. Vors.

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