Lot 730. Charles Gulden Shoe (1928-1991)

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Lot 730 | Charles Gulden Shoe (1928-1991)
Charles Gulden Shoe (1928-1991)
Nudity in variations
Lot of 7 great graphics, signed and dated
Different Grvssen of 15 x 30.5 cm, up to 42 x31 cm

Charles Gulden Shoe: Etcher, draughtsman and painter. Born on 15.6.1928 in Zörich, died there on November 16.9.1991. Visit of the teacher seminar Kösnacht. 1949-50 arts and crafts school in Basel, Switzerland, in 1950 the arts and crafts school in Amsterdam and the Academy Lhote in Paris.In 1954, the summer course with Oskar Kokoschka in Salzburg. 1964-5 to study in Greece. Ldngere time in Amsterdam, Paris, Södfrankreich and Italy, in 1978, in New York.

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