Lot 421. Khevenhüller,L. A. v.

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Lot 421 | Khevenhüller,L. A. v.
Khevenhüller,L. A. v., Observations-table of the three principles which... bey deme Ihme of Dero Kayserl. Majestic. all graciously entrusted to Dragoner-Regiment prescribed. (Exercitium to horse and foot). 2. Edition 3 Tle. in 1 Band Vienna, Krauß 1739. Kl.4°. With Tvign stamped., 2 stamped on the Front., 8 text copper & 12 (instead of 20) folded Kupfertaf. 7, Bl., 296 P.; 3 Bl., 140 P., 10 Bl.; 142 P., 5 Bl. Half-leather of the time with gold back plate (Etw marked. best. u. slightly rubbed, Gel. partially burst, whether. Chap. with kl. Missing part).

Jähns in 1589, et seq. - of The 3. Part appeared only to this 2. Edition, among other things, title (Exercitium to horse and foot). - In places, a bit browned, u. fl., The beginning of water sand, p. 39/40 (Tl. 3) very short clip. (minor loss of Letters). St. a. T.

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