Lot 960. Klaus LUTZ (1940-2009)

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Lot 960 | Klaus LUTZ (1940-2009)
Klaus LUTZ (1940-2009)
Circumcision of Subtopia
Etching, with pencil, dedicated, inscribed, signed and dated (19)88
Sheet: 17 x 49 cm

Klaus Lutz: artist and filmmaker. Photographer and performance of the performers. Born on 21/3/1940 of St. Gallen, who died on 9.9.2009 in New York. Wdchst in St. Gallen. In 1962, Lutz acquired the primary patent, and is to 1973 as a primary school teacher in the cantons of St. Gallen, Graubönden and Zörich tdtig. In 1973 he was dismissed due to alleged left-wing political teaching of the Magisterium. Concentrating on his art. In 1978, Lutz refers to the Studio of the city of Zörich in Genoa, from where he zuröckkehrt in 1984 after Zörich. In 1993, he erhdlt the Studio of the city of Zörich in New York. Decides to remain there, living and rents in 1994 in the East Village a one-bedroom apartment, which also serves as a Studio and film Studio. 2012 retrospective at the Haus Konstruktiv Zörich.

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