Lot 36. Small collection of THURINGIA / RESIN

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Lot 36 | Small collection of THURINGIA / RESIN
9 pieces of land customer with I. *silk walks through the romantic Eichsfeld* first delivery, the Holy city, & surrounding area, 21-titled figure, with Protection, printing and publishing of F. W. Cordier Heiligenstadt (Eichsfeld) around 1900, 24 unpag. Bll., in half-linen band of the time, pages folded, some storied, otherwise good, II *map of the Thuringian forest,* on a scale of 1: 100 000, about 89 x 76 cm, on several occasions, the Reich office for land survey in Berlin in 1935, III *chronicle of the city of Greiz* with rich picture & a Foreword by the mayor, Curt Hermann manner Verlag Berlin 1938, 64 p., illustration. Oct, IV. Colored trails-map of Friedrichroda and surroundings, approx. 74 x 50 cm, folded several times in the Original cover, publishing house of Urban Kurverwaltung Friedrichroda, 1920, V. *Thuringia* A consultant for walks, at the selection of fresh, summer, winter, stay and resorts, as well as duration of settlement in Thuringia, published by the Thuringian transport Association. 99 figure & 3 cards, as well as a Register and numerous herons cal Hofbuchdruckerei Gotha, 1927, 192 p., color illustration View, Engelhard. Oct, VI. *Official guide by Ilse castle and surroundings* published by the mayor u Spa Director Krauß, with 15 images, hike descriptions, and is a multi folded card approx. 46 x 39 cm, in the Annex, in the Harz Graphic art Ilsenburg and Wernigerode in 1939, 80 p., Oct., VII. *leader of Erfurt* institution, with 24 picture & a multi-folded map, traffic club, Erfurt, 1927, 60 p., 12 plates, 12 unpag. LVS. The Appendix, a map, Oct, at the lower capital-no glued, title with stamp, Canisius-College, VIII. *Erfurt in Thuringia* advertising with 21 Tonbildern & 26 images in the Text, a map of the climbing forest, a map of the area, a map of the city u Plane of Ilversgehoven, Erfurt transport Commission Erfurt 1908, 140 p., 21 plates & a map in the Appendix, illustration. Oct, at the bottom of the capital no taped, bookplate on the front mirror, as well as IX. Album of Thuringia, with 60 colored illustration on 12 Bll., without place and publisher, 1890, 12 Bll. in Leporello folding in oleinen folder, the back cover with moisture trail that goes barely to the inside

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