Lot 1879. Monasteries and abbeys.

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Lot 1879 | Monasteries and abbeys.
Monasteries and abbeys. 10 writings from the communications of the Antiquarian society in Zurich in 8 Bdn. 4°. With numerous illustration in the Text, among other things, Taf. Waste. Einbde.

Contains: Vögelin,S. u. F. Keller, The former monastery of Kappel, in the Canton of Zurich, in 1845. Burckhardt,C. u. C. Riggenbach, the Church of The monastery of Klingenthal in Basel, 1860. - Hottinger,M., among others, Heinrich Bullinger's description of the monastery of Kappel, and current inventory, in 1892. - Zeller-Werdmüller,H. The Premonstratensian Abbey In Rüti, 1897. - Durrer, part of The medieval pictorial decoration of the chapel to the Waltalingen in Stammheim, 1898. - Ders. u. R. Wegeli, cycles, Two Swiss Pictures...: The Gallus chapel in Oberstammheim u. the Mr tube in Diessenhofen, 1899. - Sulzer,H. u. R. Rahn, The Dominicans of the monastery of Töss. 2 in 1 Band, 1903-04. - Hoppeler, under The collegiate Church of S. Peter in Embrach. 2 in 1 Band, 1921-22.

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