Lot 185. KOBELL, WILHELM VON. Landscape in front of Rottach-Egern

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Lot 185KOBELL, WILHELM VON. Landscape in front of Rottach-Egern
Signed lower right and 1794 dated. Numbered on the back D. 938. Watercolor over pencil on firm paper. 36.6 x 47.7 cm. Browned. Framework min. dam. : Documentation Prof. Siegfried Wichmann, Wilhelm von Kobell. 1766 and 1853. Landscape in front of Rottach-Egern. Starnberg, Germany, 2000. : Documentation Prof. Siegfried Wichmann, Wilhelm von Kobell. 1766 and 1853. Landscape in front of Rottach-Egern. Starnberg, Germany, 2000. In the foreground, the middle of a standing and a lying horse, both from the Bavarian country race, in addition to the left, three goats, tribes on the right felled tree. In the middle ground to the left on a hill a farmer's family in the prayer before the noon meal, and on the right a further two horses with a foal. Beyond them, the view on the Tegernsee. "Every moment he lives differently than with brush and colours, is for him a loss ..." With these words, William of Kobells brother Egid characterizes the artist in a letter to the joint brother Innocenz of 4. February 1794 (quoted in Wichmann, Siegfried, Wilhelm von Kobell. Monograph and critical catalogue of the works. Munich 1970, P. 15). In the same year, Wilhelm von Kobell created the present, as exemplary for his art applicable to watercolor. With its image-wise executed watercolours made by the artists for a considerable contribution to the autonomy of this artistic genre. Wilhelm von Kobell achieved, especially in his Works of the 1790s, focusing on the head of his scenes done through an elaborate, differentiated colour scheme. The basis for this sophisticated lighting guide: areas, in turn, is off the main protagonists appear to be significantly shaded, the color is matched to a dark grey. These light - and color Director also gives a more stationary scene such as this, a specific dynamics. Already the young artist had been recommended by his father, with paintings of Dutch masters of familiar. A special fondness developed by Wilhelm von Kobell for the Work of Philips Wouwermans, which impressed him by its masterful portrayal of the horses. Kobell should prefer, for his own pictorial inventions are always topics in which horses played a role. The Inspiration by paintings of Paulus Potter is also not to be underestimated, especially with regard to the above-described light and strong shadows, the influence of this master on the Kobell is to Create'on the present watercolor is unmistakable. Kobells watercolors enjoyed in the buyers, which included in addition to the nobility also of the bourgeois collectors and art lovers, the greatest popularity. The fact is that they have been reproduced for a less affluent clientele in the Form of outline etchings, colored in the sale.

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