Lot 1914. Koeler, J.D.

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Lot 1914 | Koeler, J.D.
Koeler, J. D. Descriptio orbis antiqui in XLIV. Tabulis exhibita. Nürnberg, C. Weigel (1720). Fol. With stamped title, stamped Index & 44 dplblattgroß cards colored. Half vellum of the time (Tls. fl., rubbed & best., some sciaves pure).

Phillips 30. Bauer, Weigel, No. 46. - "In fact, a wonderful historical Atlas is the first of its kind. In the construction of a geographical Atlas, so a world map and a map of Europe on the detail maps of the various countries in passing, had, Köhler tried, the historical and political Situation in the Greek and Roman antiquity, to the Knowledge of his time" (Bauer, Sp. 958). - Historical Atlas of the Ancient world. - Contains maps of Europe, Spain, Gaul, Britain, Germania, Italy, Balkans, Greece, Asia, front Asia & India & Africa & 1 Plan of Rome, Athens u. of Jerusalem. - The cartridges partly. with coin illustrations. - Cont. easy something floor of the browned, partly stained In the Blattränd. partially fingerfl. Several kl. Fold and edge tears. The map of Greece (no. 23) with the Edge of the tear-out in the unt. Edge of the sheet. All the cards with hs. Nos. with a pencil in the whether. Corners.

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