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Lot 1291 | Royal Prussian
Royal Prussian and Chur fürstl. Brandenburg General and neugeschärftes Medicinal-Edict, and regulation,... Berlin in 1725 (the final dat. 1726). Kl.4°. 99 p. - ╔Revidirte order Connected:╗ according to which the pharmacist in the Royal Prussian Land your art-trades to operate. Berlin 1801. 35 P. Model Half-Linen

The first Medizinaledikt of the Prussian state, "the starting point of the later Prussian Medical legislation" (Schelenz 569). - Foxing, connections in the ob. Edge ink stained, Front. renewed. - In: Mellin,C. J. The Home Remedies. A Collection... Of Graz In 1794. - Paulizky,F. C. a guide for country people... 6. Edition Pour 1828. - Riecke,V. A. The new drug... Stuttgart 1837 (Connected: Supplement to ibid., Stuttgart, 1840). - Sick's book, published by the Christian associations in Northern Germany. 2. Edition Hall In 1843. - Together 5 Volumes

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