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Lot 2749Vintage
Collection of autographs, letters, documents and Receipts, etc., 1762 - 1955.

Present, among others, Frederick II, Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel (1720-1785). Eh. (?) Letter with base units. dat. Bronswic, 10. Avril 1762. Gr.8°. 1 Bl., page. descr. Multi print. folded - In French. Language a (unnamed) Madame. "J'ai reçu votre Lettre, je suis au desespoir du procede impolis you Lieutenant Wolf de mes Houzards vis a vis de vous...". - Etw. stained. - In: Luden, Heinrich, dt. Historian (1780-1847). Eh. Attestation signed, dat. Jena, 22. Febr. 1826. Qu.8°. 2 Bl., 1 p. described. Gefalt. Students Ernst Dietrich Gramberg confirmed to the theology of participation in his colloquia (Collegia) of the history of the middle ages and the new time. - The edge is damaged at the base units. ATO. - Marriage certificate of James Baer of the u. Catharine Thickell, Saint Luke, Middlesex in 1816. - Taufzettel for Samuel bear, of Zofingen, Switzerland, 22. Dec. 1818. - Marriage certificate of Samuel Baer and Julie Emma Michaud, Montreux, 4. Nov. 1846. - Proof of payment of the women-to enter money and of the legal marriage money of the above 24. Aug. 1846. - Heimath-Schein for Samuel bear, the municipality of Zofingen, v. 31. Oct. 1846. - 16 letters, and cards of Professor George Dreyfus and wife in Zurich, members of the family, mainly on the occasion of the Golden wedding in 1955. - In: Approx. 70 post cards, mostly view cards from Switzerland, CA. 1900-1920. - 2 Leporellos with congratulations cards.

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