Lot 3134. Vintage

Starting price:€ 450
Auction date:13.05.2020   10:00 UTC +02:00
ID 316184
Lot 3134Vintage
Lot 18 Bl. with cards (3), views (10) u. a religious Fig. in various Techn., approx. 17.-19. Century Qu.4°-Imp.Fol. 17 Bl. under glass, framed (not ausgerahmt).

Including: Silesiae Ducatus contains, in Hondius. - 3 views of Salzburg, 2 views of Paris, 2 views of Stuttgart on a Cyril. printed Bl. u. Christ Iesus, S. Jacobus Maior, Peter, S., Mathias 4 copper engravings from Göz u. Klauber. - Tls. Age and signs of wear

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Auktionshaus Kiefer
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Auktionshaus Kiefer
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