Lot 3186. Vintage

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Lot 3186Vintage
Lot of 3 Bl. with lynx and bear and bearded vultures. Lithography(n) n. F. Short at Ochsner. Blgr. 35 x 53.5 cm. With the dt. u. lat. Animal name unt u "Musée Challlande à Berne". d. Fig.

Tls. used & lichtrandig, sometimes a bit of foxing - It:a devotional image of a copper engraving (Christ with crown of thorns in Oval), at the end of 18. Century On Cardboard-Bl. reared on 38.5 x 28.5 and 25 x 22 cm (display). - With hs. Text to Lavater in the unt. The edge, dat. 13. VII, 1792: "Suffer rest without number'n heavy on the most gentle soul. Bitterness of death devoured the loveliest mouth once. All the sins of the world wore in silence of the lamb of reconciliation. All misery of the earth, the king of mankind tried". - Etw. stained.

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