Lot 3731. Vintage

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Auction date:13.05.2020   10:00 UTC +02:00
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Lot 3731Vintage
Mixed lot of over 80 mainly book illustrations of the 17th century.-the early 19th century. Century Waste. Techn. Waste. Formats. 6 Bl. of eng. u. 1 Bl. on cardboard raised.

Among other things, PREV.: Arndt, J. 41 emblems from "...six Books of true Christianity...with a Preface Mr D. Johann Jacob Rambachs. Engravings and etchings by Georg Paul Busch, from an output of the second half of d. 18. Century Gr.-8°. Verso m. Text. In A Folder. - Bertuch, F. J. picture book for children (...), Weimar, 1807. 20 Buchill. 12 pages of text from volume 6. Col. Etchings to 1806. - Merian, Caspar (1627 Frankfurt a. m. - West Friesland, 1686). "Home castle together with mod=Ligender Gegendt". Etching after C. Bunon to 1654. Approximately 23.2 x 63,2 cm. Unt. Mat opening. unt. Glass framed (not ausgerahmt). Book fold in the middle. - 2 Horizontalfalze. - Single liners. more loads. Some Of The Bl. It used Mostly signs of wear: 2 graphic folders.

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