Lot 1502. Mixed lot of historical types of boards military

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Lot 1502Mixed lot of historical types of boards military
19. Century, 15 coloured engravings, 1) American cavalry, including the guard cavalry of Virginia, Tenanische Cavalry, Governor's guards of New Hampshire, J. Hesse's printing plant in Fürth, 2) American Military by J. Hesse in Fürth, Germany, including General Scott, Lincoln, Irvine, Mc. Dowell, Union troops, field artillery, Duryes Zuaves with bushings, New York militia, 3) army of the United States of North America, 2nd Regiment of the state of New York, of Jos. Scholz in Mainz, Germany, 4) the Swiss troops, the presentation of the music corps and Sappeurs, published by Renner in Nuremberg, Germany, 5) the Swiss cavalry (Guiden), 6) types of Finnish units, 7) Swedish Garde-grenadiers, in the case of Renner in Nuremberg, 8) Swedish Garde-hussar, of Nuremberg, in the case of Renner, 9) cavalry that can be colored and cut out for children, 10) Napoleon III to horses, Nuremberg, Renner, 11) Colonel of the General staff with wings-aide-de-camp, 12) Louis Philip, Duke of Orleans, in the Uniform of a Colonel-General, 13) genes ralitaet Marechal de Camp and Adjutant, 14) Famille Impériale [Napoleon III] General de Division, Le Prince Impérial, L'empereur et l'impératrice, Maréchal de France, Fabrique d'Images de Gangel et P. Didion à Metz, 15) Les Souverains a Paris, Exposition universelle de 1867, representations of Charles XV., king of Sweden and Norway, Leopold II of Belgium, Louis I. of Portugal, Prince Friedrich of Prussia, Prince Albert-Edouard, Prince of Gaul, age appropriate wear.

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