Lot 6003. Group (u. a. Bamberger) notes, vignettes, etc., 19./20. Century

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Lot 6003 | Group (u. a. Bamberger) notes, vignettes, etc., 19./20. Century
Great, in two albums introduced collection brought notes of various age money and vignette. Including, but not limited to approx. 60 x Reich Bank note for twenty thousand marks, multiple one hundred million Mark, multiple-Thousand Mark, Two-million Mark, and Ten million Mark city of Bamberg in 1923, Twenty and Five marks of Bamberg, 1918. Furthermore, emergency money, the towns of Rothenburg, Fuerth, Lindenberg, etc., Of the whole of things (Raulino & Comp. Bamberg 1924), several vignettes of Bamberg: including, for example, yellow gold. Brass hits (“champagne - cheese, the crown of all cheese“, 1913); also Nordbayr. Elektrizitäts-Gesellschaft Bamberg; the company's long hammer, Riedl tools, Heberlein, Stocker, yellow gold. Citizens also turn to Federal Jahn, etc., etc.

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