Lot 1764. Kräutermann, V. (d.i. C.v.Hellwig).

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Lot 1764Kräutermann, V. (d.i. C.v.Hellwig).
Compendieuses Lexicon exoticorum & materialium, or accurate description of those most distinguished foreign, East -, and West - Indian... Arnstadt, He in 1730. With Front stamped. 7, Bl., 548 (of 552) S., 26 Bl. - ╔Offers.: Gerhardt,J. G.╗ description of the Salis Catharctici or bitter purgirenden Saltzes. Lpz. 1730. 68 p. - ╔treasure of health╗ and of life. Hbg. u. of Bremen, 1729. 20 Bl., 120 S., 8 Bl. Prgt. of the time with hs. Rtitel. (Signs of wear).
I. Zischka P. 190. First Edition. - Dealt with among others coffee, tea, chocolate & cocoa, tobacco, etc. - The missing p. 95-98, a copy of ID. Browned u. tls. a little water sand, N. a. V. - ex-libris. - ╔In: Hotton,P.╗ Thesaurus phytologicus. The Newly-opened and plenty of-sided herbal honey... 2 Tle. in 1 Vol. NBA. 1738. With Front stamped. 7, Bl., P. 1-768 (of 984). Also includes contributions to tea, tobacco and coffee.

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