Lot 3162. Kuntz, R.

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Lot 3162Kuntz, R.
Kuntz, R. Transylvanian stallion - Etalon Transylvain - "English ladies horses - Chevaux de lady Anglais". 2 lithographs from the "illustrations saemmtlicher horse racing..." Stuttgart to 1832. Taf. at Velten in Karlsruhe. Approx. 29,5 x 35,5 and Blgr. approximately 44.5 x 56 cm. The unt. in the middle with a pencil num. With Namensz. u. Dat. in the stone. - Nissen, ZBI 2327. - The only edition, rare, as in the self-published. - Outer w. the edges of the dusty part of something, some way to make Randein - and -tears.

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