Lot 560 . Kunz, GF u. CH Stevenson.

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Lot 560 | Kunz, GF u. CH Stevenson.
Kunz, G.F. u. C.H.Stevenson. The book of the pearl. The history, art, science, and industry of the queen of gems. New York, The Century 1908. 4°. Mit 100 Taf. (davon 18 farbig) u. 5 Karten. XIX, 548 S. Goldgepräg. Originalleinwand mit Kopfgoldschn. (Tls. etwas fleckig).
...beautiful example of modern book design, executed in high quality materials... prized not only for the enormous amount of reliable information that it contains, indeed still unmatched in any work since, but also for the large number of high quality illustrations in black and white (Sinkankis 3690). - Breitrandiges Ex. - ╔Dabei: Smith,H.C.╗ Jewellery. London, Methuen 1908. - ╔Joyce,T.A. u. N.W.Thomas╗ Women of all nations. 2 Bände London u.a., Cassell ohne Jahresangabe - ╔Hayden,A.╗ Chats on old silver. London, Fisher Unwin 1915. - ╔Percival,M.╗ Chats on old jewellery and trinkets. Ebda. 1912. - Eine weitere Beilage.

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