Lot 1001. Leonhard MEISSER (1902-1977)

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Lot 1001 | Leonhard MEISSER (1902-1977)
Leonhard MEISSER (1902-1977)
Acropolis (?)
Very large lithograph, 16/60, with a pencil signed
33 x 49 cm

Leonhard Meisser: painter, draughtsman and print designer. Born on 3.12.1902 in Chur, died there on November 2.8.1977. In the autumn of 1923 he moves to the könstler training to Paris. With Alberto Giacometti, he shares a short period of time, the Logis. 1924-26 Meisser visited the Acadimie by Andri Lhote (1885-1962). 1931 Röckkehr to Chur. 1936 gröndung a member of the Böndner section of the GSMBA. 1939-1947 conservator at the Böndner Kunstmuseum in Chur. In 1974, Meisser price erhdlt the Böndner culture. (Source: SIKART)

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