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"JEAN-LÉON GÉRÔME Vesoul 1824 - 1904 Paris 'Les misères de la guerre' Oil on canvas. 36 x 31 cm. Left 'J. L. Gerome signed at the bottom'. Verso: canvas stamp of the painting materials merchant Lech animal. BARB SC. 6O REGENT STREET, LONDON.' as well as the wax residue, with which the label with a Title and description was kept 'Au fond à droite, un village en feu d'où s'enfuient les habitants. Sur le devant, au pied d'un rocher s'est affaissé une vieille femme à la composure morne et désespérée. Sa douleur peignante est rendue avec une grande vérité. H. 35 cents. L. 28 cents. Toile. Ce tableau a été donné par l'artiste pour être vendu au bénéfice of the [pay]sans français ruinés par la guerre.' (Rear on the right, a village in flames from the residents to flee. In the foreground, at the foot of a rock, is sunk by an old woman, mopey and desperate. Your emotional we pain with great realism played. Canvas. This painting was donated by the artist to sell it in favor of the French peasants, who were ruined by the war'). -on the stretcher is a hand-written note from the artist in blue ink to the Foundation of the painting 'Tableau qui peut être vendu au profit of the peasants français J L Gérome 1870' (paintings, whose proceeds for the support of the French farmers sold J-L Gérôme 1870), as well as two hand-written abbreviations 'G. C. IHbb' et 'GH', and an old wax seal on canvas and stretcher frame. -on the frame old label of the frame and painting materials trader 'Hugh Paton; Carber, Gilder and print Creator; To her majesty Queen Victoria, the Head of the Horse Wynd, on the West Corner of the College of Edinburgh', as well as another, unfortunately, the torn-off label 'With.; Deliver (sticks?) L; Lessr.' Frame. Jean-Léon Gérôme is one of the most important French painters and sculptors of the 19th century. Century. As a proponent of academic painting, he broke with the classical traditions and created a completely new style by mixing up the genre of history painting. Gérôme continued in his new compositions to a faithful reproduction of reality, creating thus a unique blend of "Illusion and reality", exclaimed many viewers fascinated, but also many critics. Significantly Gérôme was influenced in his style, the determination of Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres (1780-1867), one of the most important representatives of classicism, as also of his teacher Paul Delaroche (1797-1856), history painter of academic realism. In addition to historical and mythical themes, Gérôme was above all for his Oriental paintings, famous are to be found today in the most important museums in the world. In the present work, is probably as lost listed number 278 of the work directory. The title coincides with that of the old label on the back of the painting ('Les misères de la guerre'). The suspected origin prior to 1880 fits to the old hand-written date '1870' on the stretcher frame. Unfortunately, neither the subject nor the composition are preserved. The history is well-known that the painting is by Goupil (Léon Goupil, 1834-1890, French painter?) E. Weill acquired and then when you get the opportunity in the year 1880 for 6500 francs was sold. 12. June 1900, the painting was sold at the Vente X in Paris for 500 francs. After the second world war the painting was in a private painting exchange in the present-day privately owned. Shown is a young girl that, prior to the unrest in the Franco-German war, escaped. In the Background is to recognize that a city is in flames and its inhabitants from the impending danger. Gérôme made the image, in order to support the war-affected French farmers, with the proceeds of financially in their time of Need. This, he noted in hand-written with signature and date on the stretcher frame. Gérôme dedicated for charitable purposes. He also took care of the collection of donations, to the Victims of the great fire of Chicago (08.-10. October, 1871) should be. Literature: Ackermann, Gerald M.:-Jean-Léon Gérôme. Monographie révisée, catalogue raisonné mis à jour, Paris, 2000, p. 296. Provenance: In private possession since the mid-1940s."

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