Lot 4. Letters by Lenard, Stark, Kamerlingh Onnes and others

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Lot 4 | Letters by Lenard, Stark, Kamerlingh Onnes and others
[Wilhelm Wien (1864-1928)].

Collection of letters addressed to Wien by scientific colleagues, including Philipp Lenard (autograph letter signed, 22 July 1927, referring to the Compton effect, also to Sommerfeld, Boltzmann, Planck and other colleagues), Johannes Stark (eight letters and one card, 1909-1920, including discussion of the splitting of spectral lines, known as the Stark effect), Heike Kamerlingh Onnes (two letters, 1900 and 1913, in German, the first asking Wien to contribute to a Festschrift for Lorentz, the second discussing his experimental results on superconducting metals), Theodor des Coudres (six letters and one card, 1901-1908) and Hans Beggerow (5 letters, 1919-1920); with six autograph postcards signed by Wien to his wife, Luise, n.d. [1901].

Provenance: by descent from Wilhelm Wien.

Wilhelm Wien (1864-1928) was professor of physics successively in Würzburg and Munich: he received the Nobel Prize in 1911 for his work on heat radiation, and laid the groundwork for some aspects of quantum mechanics. His position as editor of the Annalen der Physik from 1907 onwards made him a crucial node in the network of experimental and theoretical physicists in the German-speaking world.

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