Lot 1502. Leupold, J.

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Lot 1502 | Leupold, J.
Leupold, J. Theatrum machinarum generale. Show-place of the reason of Mechanical Sciences, Leipzig, Zunkel 1724. Fol. With 71 Kupfertaf. 10 Bl., 188 PP., 2 Bl. - ╔Offers.: Ibid.╗ Theatrum machinarum hydro technicarum. Show-place of the water-construction-arts... Leipzig, Gleditsch 1724. 51 (1 folded) Kupfertaf. 6 Bl., 184 PP., 2 Bl. Half-leather of the time (Slightly rubbed and some best.).

I. VD18 11039795. Catalog Ornamentstichslg. Berlin 1786. - II. VD18 11137452. - First Editions. - Two parts of Leupolds large technical encyclopedia. The copper showing various machines and tools, grinders, hoists, etc. - Tls. low browned. - Both first editions. 2 parts of Leupold's big technical encyclopedia. Plates show different types of machines, tools, mills, pulley blocks, etc. With overall 122 copper engravings. Contemporary half leather, slighty rubbed and somewhat bumped. Partly slightly browned.

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