Lot 2602. Levanto,F. M.

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Lot 2602Levanto,F. M.
Levanto,F. M. Prima parte dello Specchio del Mare, nel quale si descrivono tutti li porti, spiaggie baye, isole, scogli, e seccagni del Mediterraneo ... Non mai piu cosi ampiamente descritto, & arricchito di Carte Maritime nuovamente costrutte. Genoa, Marion u. Cele 1664. With a broad title, edging stamped with kl. Naval battle scene and 25 of the folded sections, copper maps, and numerous text wood. 2 Bl., 152 p. of parchment of the time (Rckn. renewed).

Koeman Lev 1. Phillips/Le Gear 7858. Nat. Maritime Museum Cat. III/1, 42. LGK I, 349 (erroneous with 28 cards). Not in Crone Library and in the Scheepvaart Museum. First Edition. - Rare Mediterranean Seeatlas. Only this first part appeared. "Little is known about its author, but the work displays a strong Dutch influence, particulary in the style of the Van Keulens." (Nat. Maritime Museum Cat.) - Italian Translation by P. Goos' Straets-Boeck of 1662 with the cards in the Review by F. M. Levanto, in the beautiful copper title, in turn, is a mirror-inverted copy of the track from the Goos' Zee-Atlas. - The numerous woodcuts in the Text show navigation instruments, coastal and port cards, and hundreds of coastal elevations; the cards with the beautiful stamped coastal and island maps. - "A guide immediately in the lake and control people was popular. It was the result of 20 years of navigation experience in this room." (LGK II, 503) - Carefully purified specimen. In front of the. renewed, single liners. slight crease traces and backlighting. kl. Tears i. Rd., 2 cards in the fold verso strengthened, 2 cards to the bottom with kl. Edge damages, otherwise in very good condition with the cards in beautiful bright prints. - Contemp. vellum (spine new). Carefully cleaned copy. New endpaper, some slight creases and small repaired tears in margin, 2 maps reinforced in the folds on the verso, 2 maps, small damages in the margins, otherwise very well preserved copy with the maps in beautiful, strong prints.

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