Lot 1781. Limmer, K.A.

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Lot 1781 | Limmer, K.A.
Limmer, K. A. design of a documentary history of the entire Voigt country. Volume 3 (of 4). Gera, Albrecht 1827. With 12 lithogr. Taf. XXXVI, p. (647)-960, 1 Bl. Cardboard tape of the time (Rckn. mod. with canvas renewed, rubbed).

First Edition. Rare history of the Vogtland region. A total of difficult. 4 volumes, 40 Taf. The Lutheran Pastor Karl August Limmer (1765-1853) later wrote a two-volume "draft of a documentary-pragmatic history of the entire pleisner country" (1830-31). - The Taf. palaces, castles and monasteries show, usually as a relatively small representation in the Oval. - Tls. slightly stained.

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