Lot 1911. Relieve, F. B. v.

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Lot 1911 | Relieve, F. B. v.
Medici of the Passe-par-tout; Or, the main key of all and any Diseases of the human body, which discover to us, how to recognize the same well, and be sure to curiren seyen. And a Preface by G. H. Bers of the German-written Arzney-books necessity and usability. (Bd. 1 out of 2). Strasbourg, Beck 1739. With stamped Portrait-Front. 7, Bl., 24, 989 PP., 2 Bl. Ldr. the time with Blindpräg.
Blake 272. First Edition. - Without the 1741 complicated. Bd. 2 with the women and children's diseases. Sth. blotchy u. browned. - ╔In.╗ (Duplicate). - ╔Behr,G. H.╗ Two books of the Materia medica. Or Complete description of all and every Artzeney-Central office beygefügter well-equipped and highly-usable therapy. Ibid. 1748. With Titelvign stamped., stamped Portrait-Front. u. 1 gefalt. Table. Ldr. the time - Together, 3 Vols.

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