Lot 113. Linienthangka der Drukpa-Tradition

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Lot 113 | Linienthangka der Drukpa-Tradition
BHUTAN, 19. Century
The high Lama in the center of the painting is named in inscriptions as Jignam Kunga Kapdak dodine Lapsang Paygai Shap. He sits on several pillows on a large throne, with richer ornamentation. Before him is an altar similar to table stands are located on the various ritual utensils. The priest wears the traditional monk's clothes with a monk's vest, and an orange-coloured patchwork coat, a symbol of his possessions. Furthermore, one of the shoulders abgestreifter yellow-colored, gold interwoven sheath surrounds him, like Him, the scholars wear. In both hands of the Lama holds to the left and to the right a Lotus branch with its attributes: sword of knowledge, book of wisdom - Prajnaparamita. He is depicted without the traditional hat, as the clergy of this school. This hat is proffered on a white cloth, probably from one of his students, next to his throne chair,. More spiritual of this line, which is the Kagyu Tradition is subordinate to, and are distributed over the image area. In the center of the top dividend Lama is named in inscriptions as Pasang Wangpo. The two on the left and shown on the right personalities, the inscriptions are no longer identifiable. Below and to the left and to the right of Lapsang Mepang Wangpo and Mepang Chöky Wangchuk appear. Including appear to the left and to the right Mepang Sonam Dukgal (?) and Nawang Gelik Dukgay. The names of the Lamas are uncertain, since the inscriptions are partially erupted. In the lower area of the landscape of the blue-colored Vajrapani with his partner, the green body color to appear, from left to right:. In the middle of a rare tantric representation of the Dorje Chang is depicted with three heads and six arms, its white-coloured wisdom partner umfangend. In his upper hands, Dorje Chang, the bow and arrow holds, in his middle hands to the left, a Kapala and on the right it shows a Mudra (unclear). The lower hands couple holding bell and Vajra. His partner has the attribute in her left Hand a Kapala, and in the right, behind the back of your partner's handle, the tantric staff khatvanga. Both deities sitting on a Lotus on a white snow lion. In the lower right corner of the wealth-God Jambhala. Tempera and Gold on cotton fabric, original silk satin bezel with gold brocade. Traditional silk protection cloth, back: consecration syllables in vermilion red color: om a hum.

Provenance: From a southern German industrial ownership, in 1969, Schoettle Ostasiatica acquired signs of age

77 x 53/140 x 80 cm

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