Lot 1338. Löhneysen, G. E. v.

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Lot 1338 | Löhneysen, G. E. v.
Löhneysen, G. E. v., a Newly-opened courtyard - war - and riding-School, The is: Gründl. To know report, della Cavalleria, or of all, what the Reuterey belonging to a Cavalier of gebühret... 6 Tle. in 1 Band Nürnberg, Lochner 1729. Fol. Gest. Frontispiece, 10 (st. 14) Bll., 66, 96, 114, 136, 144, 104 SS., 5 Bll., (le. w. Bl. missing), with 12 Textvign stamped. u -initial (full-page Wappenkupf. missing), 62 (9 dpblattgroß) Kupfertaf. by A. u. E. Nunzer. Holzdeckelbd. brown leather label to 1900, gold crest supra libros embossed & blind Tit shaped. a. d. front cover, Marmorpapiervors., Rotschn., (2 Schl. missing, slightly dam., rubbed, the Gel. brittle).

Brunet III, 1144; Ebert 12176, Anm.; Lipperh. Tc 22; Nissen, ZBI 2542. - Extremely rich equine work. The present edition contains compared to. the previous issues in language & content re-edit. Text & other Taf. Especially eight Taf are to be emphasized. with 2 Fig. of horse breeds & 12 riding school copper, "probably make u uncut old horse," bridled joy & black clothed mourning horse, subject times, "Carousel-Comique elevators to the four continents and the four-year", passed away. Racetracks, is a magnificent tournament to cover, "all modern sleigh", etc. - It is Front, 3 is dedicated to companies that are missing.-LVS. as well as the le. w. Bl. - Frontispiece with tear, li. Edge just under clip., below kl. Eckausriss, raised. Tit. below angefalzt. The first Bl. at the bow easily braunfl. Stellenw., mostly in the edge foxing, otherwise fresh. Some Of The Taf. with tears laid a Taf. to the side partially up to the edge of the plate clip., a Taf. with reconstructed missing w. edge place in the side.

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