Lot 2627. Mallet,A.M.

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Lot 2627Mallet,A.M.
Mallet,A. M. description of the whole world-circle vierdter part, of the Old and the new Europe... Frankfurt am Main, J. A. Jung, 1719. With Front stamped. 519 (recte 517) p., 24 Bl. Leather of the time with back plating (Gel. partially burst, best. u rubbed, chap. loads.).

Phillips 4280. Cf. Sabin 44130. Graesse IV, 353 f. - Second increased dt. Edition of the cosmography of the franz. Cartographer's & engineer's Mallet (1630-1706). - All of the Taf is missing. u maps, in Places, a bit browned u. fl.

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