Lot 282. Marperger,P.J.

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Lot 282 | Marperger,P.J.
Marperger,P. J. Procancellarius Carolus Otto Rechenberg, summos in utroque iure honores. Nuremberg, A Long Time Home In 1743. Kl.4°. XXII S., 1 w. Bl. Late. Library cardboard band with hs. The Back Label (On The Rckn. damaged).

VD 18, 10048227. - XX contains page information for the Person Paul Jacob Marpergers from Nuremberg, geb. 1720. - On the occasion of the without the President held Dissertatio inauguralis: "De moneta cuius falsa imitatio ordinaria poena vindicatur" (at the end of the text called). Possibly a descendant of the camera lists with the same Name from Nuremberg (1656-1730). - Stained, partially unaufgeschn., first situation whether. Edge slightly damaged - In: Trendelenburg,F. W Viro Consul they doctissimoque Diederico Godofredo Lamprecht, summos in utroque iure honores gratulatur paucaque de compensatione commodati praefatur. Göttingen, Vandenhoeck (1750). Kl.4°. 8 p. duplicated.

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