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Lot 1382 | Mayer, J.
Mayer, J. introduction Dess recently-published Cometen: As the same of 16. Novembris, Anno 1680. bit on the 7. Februarii, Anno 1681. by amazing star and more than the half of the visible sky with maeniglichs great horror wanders ... Deme A wahrhaffte Erzehlung and description of dess in Decembri above year beygefügt arbitration resulting far-beschreyten Erdbruchs bey Blaubeyren. Ulm, Boldly sel. Heirs 1681. With 1 Text Holzschn. 56 P. Unbound.

VD17 39:128578K. Brüning 1452. Bircher B14412 (only one Taf. to). Hohenemser 323. - M. (1641-1712). Of the natural Sciences was very interested in the priest, of the works of Johannes Kepler, Tycho Brahe, Aristotle, Plato, had, among other things, describes in his report, the instruments that he used for his astronomical observations, as well as the history of the by him between the age of 16. November 1680 and 7. February 1681 observed comets. In addition, he also describes a geological story, the on the 5. December, 1680, in the hamlet of If has above Blaubeuren occurred. It was a, as he calls it, Erdbruch the floor in three Places broke and the resulting warm air, steam-like ascent. - Without the folded and the folded several times Kupfertaf. - Tit. with kl. finish neckline in the w. Rd. Some foxing, in places, water sand.

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