Lot 1625. Mayer,A.F.J.K.

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Lot 1625Mayer,A.F.J.K.
Mayer,A. F. J. K., Icones selectae praeparatorum Musei Anatomici Universitatis Fridericiae Wilhelmiae Rhenanae quae Bonnae floret. Bonn, Marcus 1831. Gr.Fol. With 6 lithogr. Boards. 28 p. half-linen with a keyed, printed OU.

This work is not mentioned by Hirsch. h., no Ex. in Waller, Wellcome, Josephin. Library of Vienna, etc. Cf. Sachs, Repertor. Yearbook for the services of ges. Medicine, p. 55, and Rüdinger in ADB XXI, 121. - Very rare figure a result, in addition to precise descriptions of the anatomical Museum of the University of Bonn. - The lithogr. Tablets enth. among others, the following illustrations: The skeleton of an 80-year-old dwarf, depictions of hermaphrodites, teeth, fat and hair in the ovary of a public harlot (!). - Etw. foxing, Central fold, late. In front of the.

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