Lot 1784. Mist scratch lens bring you safer"

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Lot 1784 | Mist scratch lens bring you safer"
Rooster and hen on crap Crap scratch lens bring you safer", Georg O. Wild,, Idar bunch:" the upper stone full of vivid and rich in detail-cut valve made of chalcedony. Spring jewelry made of reddish-brown Jasper. Beak: yellow Jasper. Hen from Natural red Jasper ridge. On petrified wood base. 11 x 9 cm. Plinth below with vergilbtem adhesive label: inventory no. 63-40 94924024 as well as GW. 210172097. Hen below with ligature-signature: GW. Georg O. Wild, a precious stone grinder and traders from Idar, was the founder of the German society for precious stone customer, today's German Gemmological society in Idar-Oberstein and is considered a pioneer of the German gemmology.

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