Lot 2202. Môgami dô-armor with the kabuto helmet

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Lot 2202Môgami dô-armor with the kabuto helmet
Japan. Early to mid-Edo period (1603-1868). Sanjûni ken suji bachi kabuto painted black on the ice. Are no Kana mono gold plated with fine Details. Back with kasajiru no kan. Six-piece shikoro, lacquered black, sugake odoshi in kon ito. Top lamella gold plated hassô byô. Mabisashi, fukigaeshi and parts of the dô with shôhei gawa. Interior with ukibai, shinobi no o of three points fixed.
Môgami dô in black, and partly painted gold, in sugake odoshi, kon-ito and gold-plated Bronze saihai no kan. Indoor red seven kusazuri painted, below. Five on the front and on the side with five blades, two in the back with four slats. On the back gattari with ukezutsu. Machiuke absent.
Five-piece tôsei-sode en suite with kusuzari of the dô and the shikoro of the kabuto. Fkube gote with tekô hand plates and the hiji-gane and ikada (raft). Etchû haidate. Shino suneate, shared and with tank tracks tateage, painted black with kikkô tateage in white fabric.
Mempo: Menoshita-bô-ryûbu-men with two orikugi. Inside red, outside black lacquered. Tare with four Parts. to four lame tare. Condition B. enclosed: Gusoku bitsue with a Golden Chûkagetôuchiwa mon (coat-of-arms with war subjects). Restored.
-Formerly Collection Enomoto, Kagoshima.
-Rhenish Private Collection. Acquired late 1970s-1990s

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