Lot 2042. The Museum's marble Stele of a Bodhisattva

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Lot 2042 | The Museum's marble Stele of a Bodhisattva
China. Northern Qi Dynasty (550-577). 6. Century

White, crystalline marble with yellowish Patina and minimal residues of pigments. On the back are the remains of a painting. The slender figure standing in front of a former leaf-shaped Mandorla and with the raised Right hand an object, probably a Lotus Bud holding. The Left, on the side facing down, and possibly also a subject of the holding. The high headdress is adorned with flowers and long ribbons that hang to the side over the shoulders. On the chest, broad collar, around the hips a gefältelter dhoti. Long ribbons are knotted in the shape of in front of the stomach. The wide and long drooping Sleeves ruyi-shaped folds ending.
On the back in the fine lines of the painting of a Guanyin with a monk. Only minimal remnants of the colored pigments get. Height 29cm. On a metal base. Condition B. the top and Base broken.

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