Lot 83. Probably Augsburg. Museum-Like Tour Of Pharmacy

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Lot 83Probably Augsburg. Museum-Like Tour Of Pharmacy
2. Half of the 17. Century. The silver device is marked partially Augsburg 1680-85, Matthäus Baur II.

Varieg. poplar wood, polished, ornamental openwork and engraved fittings, the original fabric of red silk and silver pass ports, silver metal fittings and buttons. Strict rectangular shape with two-door Front panel and lift up lid. On the lid
A carrying handle. In the opened state, the Front with a total of 21 small spurts. In the upper part
26 small drawers, is lid a Cup, a funnel, a mortar, seven screw-type a vessels,
Iron grater, as well as a large and twelve small bottle mounts with screw-on lid. In
the large Central bays of the silver spatula, scissors, iron, partially gilded, iron knife
with a gold-plated screw-type handle, and a dispensing spoon, silver plated. Including Hand-Balance
with gold-plated scales, four small silver screw-on cans and an iron hollow mass. In the
the lower thrust twelve small glass jars. In the lower six bays for a total of 24
Powder cans are made of wood with sliding leg knob lids and elves. The remaining twelve bays
all with a back-wall ingredient-information. 23,5x29,3x22cm.
On a beaker, a funnel, a mortar, and a 7-screw vessels tremolos only rich, Augsburg examination for 1680-85 (Seling no. 132), master's mark MB for Matthäus Baur II (Seling no. 1776; Rosenberg, no. 711).
Condition B. bloodletting lost-the shell and the ruby glasses.
German collection, acquired in the art trade, Albrecht Neuhaus, Würzburg, Germany.

- Marc Rosenberg: Der Goldschmiede Markers, Tape 1. Frankfurt in 1922, master, see No. 711.
- Helmut Seling: The art of the Augsburg goldsmiths 1529-1868, 3 vols., Munich, 1980. Master and city inspection see Bd.3, no. 132 and 1776. The type of comparisons of Bd.2 figure 244 and 948-949.
- Elisabeth Huwer: The German Pharmacy Museum, Regensburg 2008. Type comparisons, p. 203, Abbildung254.

Marc Rosenberg mentioned to Matthew Baur, an in-house pharmacy with ruby glass in a gold-plated version, provenance 1884 Roderich Freiherr von Walterskirchen, Vienna.

So-called in-house or travel pharmacies enjoyed by the 17. to 19. A century of great popularity. They were provided materials by pharmacists with the required content, and were then used by the traveler in the case of diseases than first aid.
Out of the 17. Century we know of several beautifully-designed travel pharmacies, all of which are now in various museums. They were created as a collaboration of various trades, such as goldsmiths, Kistler and other Guild masters, the the equipment from a variety of materials produced

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