Lot 309. Museum quality Rococo corner Cabinet with a rich floral deposits

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Lot 309 | Museum quality Rococo corner Cabinet with a rich floral deposits
To 1765-70. Abraham and David Roentgen manufactory.

Walnut, maple and boxwood, polished and inserted. Gilded bronze appliqués, and brass. Curved base on Huffüßen and apron-shaped front frame with a
the Central openwork application. Two-door body with a bulged curved
Front. The doors with circumferential bearing Strips. On the doors, an airy
Flower bouquet with ribbons. Rocaille-Shaped Key Tags. Verkröpfte, easily
a bulging edges. 85x63x50cm. Condition B.
Private collection, NRW.

- Josef Maria Greber: Abraham and David Roentgen, furniture for Europe, Starnberg, Germany, in 1980. The type of figure comparisons. 248 - 251.
- Dietrich Fabian: Abraham and David Roentgen, Bad Neustadt/ Saale, Germany in 1996. The type of figure comparisons. 454 - 464.
- Wolfram Koeppe: Extravagant Inventions. The princely furniture of the roentgens, New York, 2013. The type of comparisons p. 87.

The presented furniture is one of a group of furniture which is quite characteristic for the work of the Roentgen manufactory in the Rococo. The main features are the soft, almost fluid shapes in conjunction with are usually made of solid walnut carved, very plastic-looking Huffüßen. Also the extremely quality flowers inlaid to show the skill of the Neuwieder manufactory which are reached with this type of Furniture at the height of their Rococo furniture.
Characteristic of the Roentgen manufactory is that most of them made furniture can be dismantled. The corner unit consists of the base and a seated body. This was due to the fact that the majority of in Neuwied-made furniture had to be transported over long distances and, accordingly, in dedicated transport boxes were Packed. So, it is clear from a directory of employees, craftsmen of 1779, that in Roentgens workshop, a master with two journeymen built exclusively to transport boxes

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