Lot 2265. Netsuke: Chinnan Sennin mit Drache

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Lot 2265 | Netsuke: Chinnan Sennin mit Drache
Japan. 18./19. Century

Wood with remains of polychrome paint (saishiki). The Buddhist Rakan, dressed in a long, gegürtetes robe, balanced on his
right leg. In the Left he holds the vessel from which the dragon (a part of today
absent). With the left foot he steps on the neck of the powerful animal, the
his body was writhing. Height of 9.1 cm. Signiatur: Shûzan, see MCI, p. 797 et seq. of the state B. the tail of the dragon a long time ago, stopped, and soft rubbed.
-Formerly Collection Gunvor Bjorkman.
-Two old collection or inventory numbers '115' and 'G 741'.

-Published in: "Netsuke". Kat. the exh. the Östasiatiska Museet of Stockholm. Stockholm in 1999. P. 31

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