Lot 2262. Netsuke: Hammer des Glücksgottes Daikoku

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Lot 2262Netsuke: Hammer des Glücksgottes Daikoku
Japan. 19. Century

Ivory with inlays in the Shibayama style mother-of-pearl, aogai, Jade, coral, Horn as well as Gold and nashiji. The magic Hammer (uchide no kozuchi), the lucky God Daikoku different are
Treasures (takarazukushi) pictured: hat of invisibility (kakuregasa), treasure pouch
(kinnô), scrolls (makimono), desire jewel (nyoihôju), cloves (chôji), coral, Seven
Treasures (shippô), key to the treasure house (hôyaku), a straw-cloak of invisibility
(kakuremino), and a balance weight (fundô). The magic Hammer is also one of
to the takarazukushi, and that with him - literally - at a stroke, each
The request can be fulfilled. Length 3.9 cm, width 2.5 cm, depth 1.7 cm. Condition A/B.
-West German private collection, old collection number 823

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