Lot 2242. Netsuke: Sitzender Kirin

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Lot 2242Netsuke: Sitzender Kirin
Japan. Edo Period. 18. Century Powerful Kirin (unicorn) turned seated, the head backwards, focused on the sky
looking with a slightly opened mouth, in which the free carved tongue on the upside
- pointing tip is to be seen, as well as the curved canines in the upper jaw, which are short, frame the
two tips of the medium teeth of the lower jaw. The Horn is not suitable for specific type
back bent down to the mane, to Encounter and with a soft tip, because
deals to the virtuous Kirin no creature can be sorry. The elegant mane falls in small
and wisps of Curls on the back up to the moving flames, the sign of his
heavenly origin from the shoulder joints to blaze. Small flames spring from the joints of the
the front of the knee. The back up to the mane of a magnificent cock in
plastic Abundance from the side of the same arranged in the lead Curls, alternating with strands of, and
twice broken. All the Curls and flames are very much alive and moving
, but The body is otherwise swirl smooth with a hint of muscles, and segmented
the neck and some visible back. The Hooves are high and strong, dense
together, a bent, because the mythical creature flew more than ran, so light that it curved
no man, the living being crushed, only to him, downstream of said light traces in the
snow leaving. In Japan, the highest-ranking of all the fabulous animals is the Dignity of the nameless
Kyoto-Schnitzer with all its glory, beauty, and Majesty equipped, the
should show his rare Visits to earth such the virtues of a just ruling a large,
the ideal ruler. Ivory with beautiful gold-yellow
use patina. Composition, posture, and Details suggest that this
piece comes from the same Carver as the so-called "Meinertzhagen Kirin", cf., MCI, color Board
page V. The great difference in color between the front and back confirmed the extensive
use, because the - put the sun back has a beautiful,
gold, yellow, amber, iridescent and partly transparent glossy
surface, while the much lighter front was apparently exposed to the bleaching sun
. H. 9cm. Condition.
-Behrens collection, illustrated on plate XXV, sold in the 1. Auction between the 1.-8. Dec. In 1913, cat. No. 611, for 3 pounds 5 shillings.
-collection of Mannstaedt (1882-1968), auctioned at the Klefisch auction 36 on 28. May 1988, no. 518, Supplement DM 130 000.-
-collection of Jacques Carré, Eskenazi cat. No 2000.

-H. L. Joly, "Legend in Japanese Art", London, 1908, illustrated p. 176.
-Exhibited in Kyoto & Tokyo in 2010, on the occasion of the 150 years of friendship Germany - Japan

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